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Sunday, October 17, 2010

All the happiness in the world...

All the happiness in the world can’t buy you money!

Okay so mayhaps that's not the saying but I like it my way better, "All the happiness in the world can't buy you money!"

It's been a rough month and we're only 2 weeks into this 4 week, (or is it 5 weeks this year?) month from hell. Firstly, I ended up with a kidney stone and no insurance. Have you ever had a kidney stone? I don't recommend them at all, seriously if you can avoid it, don't try this at home. Not only did I literally have to pee like every two seconds (you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not) but then the lower back/side pain came & well, I don't handle internal pain well. Like at all! It makes me all kinds of nauseous. Doctor visit #1 diagnosed a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and on antibiotics I went. Four days later & I'm still not better & now I have pain, insert doctor visit #2 where we determine that I must have had a UTI but the antibiotics killed that & now we think it's a stone. Pain meds FTW! I'm better now, a lot better! Woooo!

Then we had the 17 year old's birthday extravaganza. At what age do we realize that cash is the way to go rather than flashy things to impress our friends? Seriously, show me the money! That wasn't the case with her. She wanted a limo. A LIMO! Well she got it but now she has to eat table scraps on the floor with the dog for the next 6 months. I'm kidding. She's being fed just well thank you very much. This birthday limo picked her & her "VIPs" up from the high school, detoured down Mass Street, and then delivered them to Backfire BBQ at the Legends for dinner & shenanigans. Then picked up & dropped back off at the high school. Most expensive taxi ever! Gosh! I sure hope her friends were impressed. I mean really, wasn't that the point?

The following Friday, my Laloo (yellow 2001 Ford Focus) decided that after 5 years of dedicated & only slightly rebellious service that it was going to plan a mutiny by causing the clip to break on my accelerator/throttle cable and attempt to shoot me 60+ mph into other cars. Little did it know that I still had the keys & shut that bastard off! Yea, who is getting the last laugh now Laloo? WHO?! Into the shop it went and that's where it still sits today because after the $300 cable issue was fixed, it croaked by way of catalytic converter suicide. That was the only way I had to do my completely ridiculous 70 mile round-trip commute back & forth to work everyday. After the rental car, I decided I hate the Toyota Yaris. Stupidest dash design ever! Anyways after seeing the bill of approximately $1700 to try to revive the Laloo, we decided I needed to get a new car - R.I.P Laloo.

Now I am the proud owner of this:

I shall name her the Batmobile. Don't get all huffy because she's not a black Batmobile "Tumbler" like in the movies. Seriously you know that car isn't a practical commuter. Just be honest, as bad ass as the "real" Batmobile is, the gas mileage on the highway would be financial doom. Consider mine the Batmobile Commuter Edition #1 circa 2008. I love her with all my heart and just as soon as I can get my grubby little paws on one, there will be a bat sticker on her tinted and beautiful rear window, cause that's how *I* like to roll!

Oh yea and somewhere in the above text I should have mentioned that I broke my back tooth (still dealing with that, ugh!) and I'm currently building a website for a client and it gives me headaches.

Whew! Is it November yet?


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