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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arty Farty Gobbledygook

I've got an itch and it needs to be scratched. I just know that if I could draw, I could create my own webcomic. I know that sounds stupid. Like can't anyone who can draw do a comic? Mayhaps. It's not just the art aspect though, you have to be able to write as well. Can I tell a story? One offs? Mini Arcs?

I'd like to draw characters loosely based on my family - Me, Hawks, Bunky, Brody & Goop. The story or mini arc would practically write itself. Honestly just a comic about the kids & stuff they've pulled would be funny enough. I don't think I could write a long running story because that takes a lot of planning ahead & we all know how well that works out for me. Of course having the same characters will keep it regular almost like running a long story but it would be done more in the story style of Fox Trot by the very talented Bill Amend.

I've already got at least three storylines/strips in my head and a title: Kimberlee in Kansas, of course. The only thing holding me back is artistic ability. When and if I get this thing in motion, it'll happen here. Stay tuned to see what crap I try to pass off as comic style art.


Ravenlynn Templar said...

I can't wait to see what you come with..seriously..just go for it'll surprise yourself with what you come up with ;)

SmearySoapboxPress said...

I hope you don't let your perceived lack of artistic ability stop you! As cartoonist James Kochalka wrote (in "Craft is the enemy")...

"There's nothing wrong in trying to draw well, but that is not of primary importance. What every creator should do, must do, is use the skills you have right now."

And, the sooner you start, the sooner your drawing (and storytelling, and pacing) will get better and find its own groove.

Good luck with it!

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