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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sorry, Didn't See You There

Oh well hello there bloggity blog -

I'm sorry, I didn't see you standing there.

I know it's been awhile and I don't call or write as much as I should. Honestly, I do know this. You've got your things, I've got mine and you know how time gets away.

Whatcha looking at?

Oh my new iPhone?

Yea, it's spiffy huh? I like it a lot too.

Wait, what?

Nooooo. Of course you haven't been replaced by my "new toy". Don't be silly. It's just a phone.

Well, yes it is full of sexy, awesome apps and stuff and yes it's also an iPod but really...

Okay fine.

What do you want from me?

I've been busy. Really busy.

Fine. I promise I will check in at least once a week from now on. Even if I have absolutely nothing to say.

Happy now? Good.

I'm glad we had this talk. See ya in a week. <3


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