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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stranded on a deserted island?

"What is the one thing you would bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?"

I always question this question. Nobody plans on being stranded on an island and if you were to "plan" to be stranded by deciding on what you would take if you were, wouldn't you "plan" to not be stranded by bringing a boat?

I guess there's always a % (I don't know statistics, that's math. I don't do math) chance that you could end up stranded anytime you take a plane over the ocean, go on a cruise, or what have you. Pack a Boy Scouts Guide to Survival, people. 

The real question, hypothetically speaking, should be... What do you think you'd have on you that would be the most useful if you ended up stranded on a deserted island? I bet it won't be your lipstick or stilettos.

This is ponderous man, really ponderous.


dorthyinwonder said...

What? Why in the world would you want to get OFF the island? If it has a decent food source and drinkable/usable water, then stay for an extended vacation. Bring your S.O. or, in the chance that you're like me and don't have an S.O., bring a person that exudes sex. If you're stranded chances are you can fill all those wilder fantasies without worry.

Lol, if I were stranded I'd bring a guy (husband, obv, if married). Plus, three heads are better than one.

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