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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello, Old Friend

Wowzers! It's been a very long while since I blogged. Well, today I guess the bug bit me. I'm feeling emotional. Blame the weather. Blame my lame vaca. Blame being cooped inside with two lazy dogs & a fire about to die. Blame my hang over.

I had a post in mind which led me here. Of course between the walk from the livingroom to the desktop, it changed. I'm fickle like that. Have you met me?

So let's just play catch up, shall we?

Things are pretty much the same ol' same ol'. I love Kansas, hate the politicians. Love winter, hate the cold. Got a new puppy, forgot how much work they are.

I was told that I am a "grass is always greener" person. Is that a bad thing?
Blogging? What's Blogging? Can I chew it? - Behr
He's adorable but don't let that sweet face fool you, he's high maintenance. He drives our other dog, his sister, Astrid nuts. She just wants to lay around and nap, he wants to wrestle, chew her ears & give her warm wet willies. She wants no part of that, ever.

Oh since my last craptastic post where I was whining about my job in October 2011 (yea, that long ago) I was laid off from that job when the company I worked for went belly up and had to find something completely out of my element -- Healthcare. I worked a year at the Orthopedic front desk in a big office here in Lawrence. I'd say that 6 months in I was searching for something better. That's when I found my new job in dermatology. It's a smaller office, one doctor, three medical assistants. I get to do a variety of things like medical assisting, managing the front office, running the front desk and my favorite... removing sutures. It's been 10 months and I still love it. The best part is my schedule. Late Wednesday suck sometimes but they're always followed by half Thursdays (best day of the week) & half Fridays. And currently, I'm on vacation. When my doc goes on vacation, I go on vacation. It's pretty sweet, mostly.

I guess that's all I have to update for now. The fire is dead & I need a vaca nap.

See ya on the flip side blogspot!


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