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Thursday, October 21, 2010

If my Facebook profile...

If my Facebook profile read like a teenager’s…

It may already look a lot like a teenager's already. I mean there is the random posts and such with the main difference being proper spelling and a serious lack of where I show the importance of things in my life in the "About Me" section. It should read something like this:
`·. Kimberlee♥
Old enough to know what upsets my belly & what doesn't!
Lawrence KS!
Web-designer! Woooooo!
2008 Chevy HHR!

End of story!(:
Then of course I need to list my relationship status, again, and all of my BFF's as my siblings just so everyone who doesn't know, thinks my Mom popped out 25-30 more kids. My social life is EVERYTHINGGGGG!


Relationship Status:
In a Relationship with Hawks Gunawan
Vicki N
Debi H
Wendy H
Sherry H
Lori H
Heather M
Aimee H
Jamie B
Natasha O
Angela M
Anna B
Tanisha W
Jenny D
Alex S
Adam F
Clay W
Amy J
Hollie W
Diana S
Matt K
Brandon G
Joyce M
Denise H
Elyse B
Forrest K
Then for good measure I could throw in a few emo fueled posts sprinkled with my new spelling words like...
Kimberlee Bourdon I EAT DRAMA FOR BREAKFAST-BRUNCH-LUNCH-SNACK TIME-DINNER- and MIDNIGHT SNACK! So bring it on with the talking beeeeyatch!(:
Kimberlee Bourdon I don't wanna go to work today. I don't have anyyyyyyyyyy time for my friends when all I do is work. Work. Work. :(
Kimberlee Bourdon workz been cRaZy u knw? other then that hangin out chillin ! wats been up wit all of u fb pplz ?
At what age are we suppose to grow up and only post adult-like things on facebook like politics, reposts, top news, events, etc? I don't think I've reached that age yet or mayhaps I completely by-passed it.


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