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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treehouse Tuesday?

I don't get mad, don't throw temper tantrums and I don't hold grudges. I am a very mature girl... but YOU are not allowed in my treehouse anymore!


Okay so I'm not up-to-date on the whole blogosphere daily blog post protocol. What the hell is Tuesday? Is it not "Treehouse Tuesday"? I know about Wordless Wednesday & is it Love Thursday? Heck! Is there a list on the internet somewhere?

Normally I wouldn't care and I'd just write whatever I want. The problem is that it also happens whenever I want, too. That doesn't help much with my new consistency thing that I'm trying out.

I think the person that actually came up with the daily blog meme probably did so for others like me who can't always think of a topic to write about. I mean really, what's easier than "Wordless Wednesday"? You throw a pic up on your blog that speaks the post for you rather than tediously agonizing over a post that may or may not be worth it. I honestly believe Wednesdays are total freebie days for bloggers who choose to do this, like me. *wink*

Any bloggers out there? Do you participate in a daily meme? Is there a list? Is there a secret handshake? Can you teach me it?


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