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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Dasher, On Dancer....

... On Prancer, On VISA!!!

Oh thank goodness, that's over... On to the New Year. I really wish I could remember that I need to blog more. I mean, I do remember, but it's usually in the shower or right before bed. Two times that I'd rather not sit down at the computer & let my creativity flow.

So here's my "OMG! YAY! Christmas is Over - What's Up Betches" post.

We decided to travel this year for Christmas. Nothing helps you appreciate no local snowfall yet like a scary beautiful, chilly, slick drive to South Dakota. It was nice to actually have a White Christmas. We spent 2 ish days up there & it was really nice. The kids didn't fight, much, and Astrid was good too, for the most part.

I have that dreaded "use it or lose it" vacation time at work so I took Thursday-Tuesday off so the traveling wasn't so bad this time since I had a day before & a day after to just be home. The boys got a brand spankin' new XBox 360 so being at home yesterday was relaxing, even with them home because they were video game zombified. I'm sure the scene today is no different.

Since my last blog post my life has been pretty darn uneventful. There was that hickie the girl had that she tried to play off as a "curling iron burn" Aha, right. And the "Omg! I hit a mailbox with my side mirror" story she came home with a week before that. But really, not much happening. I was going to blog those two stories but realized that it would have been too much like work & to find the true Haha funny in it, you probably had to be there.

Oh and we were able to secure some delicious Isolation ale, for those that were concerned with my drinking well-being. You know who are.

Next post: New Year's Resolutions. (If I blog them, I may feel more inclined to actually keep up with them. You think?)


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