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Monday, March 21, 2011

Let the Games Begin...

As of Friday I started my mini vaca. The kids & I got up early, loaded the car, and headed to Perry, Oklahoma. They're spending the week at their Dad's in Texas for Spring Break. Yay! The best part of the trip is the Sooners Corner Restaurant's fried pickles. It's like a piece of heaven & an awesome reward for the 4 hour drive to get there.

After the exchange, I headed back to Kansas to get myself packed to head to the Ozarks with Hawks to celebrate his Grandma's 90th Birthday. I love that woman so much. She is an amazing woman and always has a funny story to tell. Before we went though, I had a surprise for Hawks when he got home from work - NERF GUNS! I won't go into it but I will say that he has a better aim than I have and apparently there are no rules.

I love going up to the cabin. It's so peaceful. Hawks' Mom always feeds us tons of food & the weather is usually great to just sit on the deck & watch wildlife on the creek. Certain times of the year you can hear bullfrogs & other loud critters. We've seen snakes, turtles, fish & birds down there that you normally just don't see in Kansas.

All of his siblings were there & set up a ping pong tournament in the basement. I'm not good at ping pong, not at all. I'd love to think that had I not been in so much pain (thighs & back) from my Personal Trainer workout the Thursday prior, that I would have played better. Excuses excuses excuses, but really I was in major pain.

We came home yesterday and each took small naps up til time to go find somewhere to watch the KU game last night. I'm not going to get into all that because that could be a blog post on it's own and most likely will be. Hah. Anyroo... Happy Vaca to me!

Oh and one last thing - A big thank you to Josh for babysitting our doggie Astrid for us while we were away. We cannot thank you enough.


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