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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Woman

This guy has like 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts.

Let's let that sink in, shall we?

That's like 82 more than I have of Ms. Roberts!


Just wow!

I'm so completely jealous.


Not really.

He's fecking nuts!

Sorta Related:

I think I finally got my Henna figured out. I've never mixed henna before since the pre-mixed paste has never let me down until recently. I've gotta say that at first I was a little disappointed to find out that after you mix it (with Lemon Juice) you can't actually apply it for 24 hours. I'm more of an instant gratification type of person. What? What was that? The hell you say... Like you have the patience of a saint. Shut it! It worked out for me though because I'm also forgetful. I forgot about mixing it for 2 days & so it sat forever.

I applied it to my ankle last night & took it off too early. However it did give me a nice color. Don't ya think?
Too bad it didn't get as dark as my middle finger that I used to apply it. D'oh! I'm sure from a distance people must think that I coco-poked myself in the bum and well, that sucks.


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