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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I really miss these heels - Stupid dog.
No need in kicking a dead horse & telling you how much different my life was before Hawks. I feel like I've blogged that disaster way too many times, told my story too many times & depressed myself over it way too many times. Yesterday I gave advice to someone who is most likely headed down that same toxic path & well, you learn better from your own mistakes than you do from the mistakes of others in my honest opinion and she will just have to learn on her own.

So like I started to say, I'm not going to go into all that...

Instead I'd like to say that I may not always show it but I am truly thankful for my life now. It's not always rainbows & butterflies but I know that Hawks & I have proven, and continue to prove that we can handle anything thrown at us - together. I've had to grow up a lot over the past 3 years and I'm sure that it was hard for everyone involved. [ I love you Mom.] The point is that I think I've finally become the person that not only my kids can be proud of, but I can be proud of too.

So yea, just a short post to say "Hey I'm thankful and life is good." That's all.

Now go away. That's enough mush for today.


td.ware said...

i'm thankful for you, what you've been through, who you used to be and who you are now. all of that makes us fb-bff's and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Kimberlee said...

Have I told you that I totally love your face?! I should tell you that every damn day my fb-bff!

Wilma Delgado said...

It makes me smile to see how much you've grown up over the last few years. The only way I could be any happier for you would be if you bought my house in Kansas City :)

Well crap..didn't realize this was gonna come up as Wilma ;)

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