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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Fever

It snowed yesterday. I blame Hawks. After a few gorgeous days last week he got a wild hair to remove the soft top from his Jeep. Two days later, it snowed.

It didn't just snow but I do believe it dropped the estimated 3-6 inches. It snowed all night and most of the day yesterday. Then the sun came out & BOOM! By the time I left work yesterday it was scattered sprinkles but the snow was almost completely gone.

Today we're sitting pretty with blue skies, sunshine, and holding on at a cool 42° F. I really wish I could be outside in it. Soaking up Vitamin D sounds a lot better than tweaking admin systems & building websites.

Speaking of - my vaca was approved & starts this Friday (thru Wednesday). I'll have 6 glorious days off to do nothing. It may sound pathetic because I have no big trips planned or anything exciting at all, but trust me - I need just that.

Day #1 - Drive to Oklahoma & drop kids off with their dad. (Sooners Corner fried pickles - Yum!)
Day #2 - Celebrate Grandma's (Hawks' Grandma) 90th Birthday.
Day #3 - Take Astrid to muttrun.
Day #4 - sleep in, laundry & light housecleaning. Go to the farm & pet horses.
Day #5 - sleep in & do nothing.
Day #6 - sleep in & more nothing. Mayhaps read.


Nikki Marquez said...

i thinks you should fit in some spa time in there
somewheres toooo!

Kimberlee said...

Oh I might at least get a pedicure. As of yesterday - I came up with big plans though. Can't mention them until after they happen though :)

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