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Thursday, March 17, 2011

No New Tale to Tell

For the life of me I'll never understand people who capture the flag, run off to another and leave the flags captured completely defenseless. Seems it's an Alliance thing mostly. Hey Alliance, that's why you almost always lose battlegrounds, you derps!

Blood & Honor or something! FOR THE HORDE!


Not much going on 'round here. Bunky's first swim meet is today in Emporia. Sadly I can't go. I'm at work until 4, then I have to hit the gym - hard. Hawks is hoping to go to the meet if he gets off work early enough & I *did* buy her flowers this morning as a "Hey G'Luck you Queen of the Butterfly Stroke!" Wooooo Go LHS Lions!

Tomorrow starts my mini vaca & the kids' Spring Break. Huzzah! They'll be off to their dad's first thing in the morning which is currently stressing me out for reasons I won't go into. My vacation is Fri-Thurs & I have fun stuffs planned for Hawks & I. Mostly my vaca was going to just be me being lazy which also sounds great, but then I had to go & get some great ideas in my head. I'll definitely blog about them next week but for now they are surprises for Hawks.

See? Not much going on. Oh completely unrelated but earlier when I went outside I could close my eyes & feel like I was standing on the beach at Newport early in the morning. Sounds of seagulls, cool breeze & everything. It was awesome & slightly weird but overall pretty damn cool.


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