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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I thought we had something...

I know I'm semi-late on this but just cut me some slack. I've been busy and you know I'm doing it all for you. No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you. I love you, my one reader. You are the air that I breath. For realsies.

I was having *a* day on Friday. First off my phone took a crap on me which hurt because I thought what we had was special. How dare my phone just give up on "us" without a fight. Seriously, I mean I may not be emotionally there as much as I should be but at the very least I thought I'd get a warning. I can do better enV Touch, I can and I'll prove it. Just give me a chance.

As if having to borrow the obsolete piece of crap phone I gave up for my enV wasn't a big enough blow... Brody wasn't where he was suppose to be after school.

Boot up bitchy mom mode. I left work 15 minutes early just so I could get to him, and get up to Express to pick up my 2nd job paycheck. You know the one that I worked the Kansas Relays for? The same one I took vaca from the day job to earn? The one that was going to save us this "prom" month? Yea, that check.

I drove all over Lawrence to find the boy which killed off that early 15 minutes I had and barely made it to Express before they closed just to find that I had been shorted 21.5 hours on my check. Yea! 21.5 hours! That's huge! I was already depressed about my phone, pissed at the boy & then this? The end of the month is not a time to fuck with my money. Actually no time is a good time to fuck with my money but especially more so at the end of the month. My ex-husband is still learning this fact, sadly. "How soon can you fix this?" I asked. "Oh well it won't be any earlier than Wednesday." Wait... what? I have to wait until MAY 4th for you to fix my APRIL 28th paycheck? Grawr! Fine!

So now I'm depressingly phoneless, in bitchy mom mode, and broke. I really could use a drink. Amirite? Hawks was able to get Verizon in Lawrence to fix my phone - Yay! However the battery was tapped & instead of being able to mobile facebook/tweet my thoughts, feelings, rage - I had to leave it to sit on the charger. Blah! Fine! F-U phone. F-U you can stay home.

The highlight of my night, the make everything better happifications: Lawrence Final Fridays. This is the only guaranteed time that I can actually hang out with people I truly like that I wish I had more time with. Srsly.

Even though I was phoneless, pissy & pathetic I took my ass to Quinton's to hang with my favorite artist, Leo and his equally awesome other half, Elizabeth. Margaritas came & went. Good times & laughter prevailed over a very crappy Friday. I even made a couple new friends. One guy I barely remember & Carole of the Party. Yes, I'm dubbing her that full title. She's earned it.

So yup that's it. I'll blog about disc golf tomorrow or something. Hopefully I'll have a doodle for it. If not, oh well.


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