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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Owie Owie OUCH!

I've mentioned the KCCC (Kansas City Corporate Challenge) before. I haven't been blogging about it as much as I had hoped to but... meh.

For a recap: I've done the 1 mile walk, 3 hours of disc golf, 2 days of dodgeball, a 100m run and the latest event was 3 on 3 basketball on Saturday.

Now you can spank me, bite me, pull my hair but whatever you do... Do not cause me internal pain!

I have no tolerance at all for internal pain. It makes me nauseous and all puktastic. That's what happened on Saturday. I puked all over the K10 Kill Creek offramp. Yup, on my way home.

Backtracking here... We were playing our 2nd and last game of 4 on Saturday (there were two forfeits). The other team was aggressive and kinda scary. Needless to say we had to play harder too. Coming down off a rebound, I landed wrong on my left leg. I felt a *POP* in the back center of my calf & I was done. The pain wasn't bad at first because I honestly think I was in shock. I hobbled out to my car to head the 45 minutes home.

Half way home I knew I wasn't gonna make it. I started sweating & feeling really ill. I pulled off the highway and let go of my breakfast. My boys were horrified that I was blowing chunks out my car door. Poor kids. It happens.

So it's been about 5 days now & I have less pain, less of an idea what is wrong with it and it's so swollen that my ankle bone has been taken hostage by what now appears to be a 75 yr old woman's cankle. I did manage to make it to a doctor that was recommended to me that charged me for a visit where all he did was touch my foot twice & order an ultrasound. Oh the business of being a medical provider. It's almost like prostitution. It was quick, I get screwed, he barely had to touch me and I'm left broke & confused.

I never want to pay for an ultrasound again either. I think if I spend $115, I should get a chance to try my hand at diagnosing (or at the very least - SEE THE DAMN THING), keep the pictures & get a free cd of it mixed to my choice of soundtrack. I didn't even get a free pen.

Oh well.. I should hopefully know something by tomorrow.  Hopefully.

[UPDATE:] Severe bruise on the main muscle that connects to my bone. Rest it, rest it, rest it. It'll heal on it's own.


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