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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stupid Bitch Update

If you read this post and this post, you're up to speed. If you haven't, well whatever.

So "Jeannie" got ahold of us yesterday and offered us the house after all. Of course she had to mention that the owner ripped her a new one because I called him directly. Awww really? Too freaking bad.

The woman obviously harbors some hostility against us. I can't blame her but honestly, mayhaps you shouldn't have pissed us off. Just sayin'

So the house was offered to us yesterday on the following conditions:
  • Full rental price (which we were okay with to begin with)
  • 1/2 month's rent for a pet deposit (yes, we could have Astrid)
  • Any changes, work, fixing, anything has to be requested in writing and approved by the owner before starting.
  • We are not allowed to ever contact the owner directly again.
  • Six month lease needs to be signed.
  • We are responsible for all the yardwork.
  • Decision had to be made last night.
You know I did love this house. I just feel like "Jeannie" would make our lives a living hell for the six month lease. Also as much as I do really enjoy yardwork and we offered it (even though they provided it), that was the bargaining tool to have my dog, but now they want a pet deposit on top of getting free mowing, weeding, planting? And they're not lowering the rental price?

Something in my gut just screamed "You don't want this now." And I went with that. Hawks is of course disappointed because he really does love this house but even he agrees we both have to love it and want to live there.

So that's that. We sent her an email last night explaining that we were going to pass. That we got off on the wrong foot and we hate that because we really do try to be model tenants, etc etc. In my opinion, it boils down to: You're a bitch and I don't want to deal with you for the next 6 months, also the house needs some TLC and I don't want to always have to wait for permission to get anything done.


Rachel said...

That's exactly what I would have done. It's so hard to pass up a great place, but having a really bad landlord (er...landlord's bitch?) would make you not even care about that. I hope you find a place!

td.ware said...

good call! and i'm glad she got ripped from both sides.

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