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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer of 2011

I want, no scratch that, I *need* this Summer to end. I've had so many ups and downs so far in 2011 that I can honestly say I'm over it. When the downs come more often than the ups and last entirely too long, it's definitely time to move on or make some significant changes around here. As of this moment, I'm working both of those options to the fullest.

Vacation was entirely too long & too short at the same time.That among other things could make for one very depressing blog post. I feel like life not only handed me lemons but also squirted them into my eyes & all I can see is the bad, bad, bad. However, instead of writing a mopey, woe is me, emo-tastic blog post here... I think I should focus on my positives.
  • My Mom's cancer is still in remission. 
  • My kids are safe, healthy, amazing & for the most part happy.
  • The kids are back in school.
  • They all love their schools, schedules, etc.
  • I'm no where near Texas.
  • We've moved into a big house that we all love.
  • Sibling arguments are at a low.
  • It's football season.
  • Goop is playing football this year for his Jr. High.
  • I'm no where near Texas.
  • Hawks & I decided on furniture - we both came out happy.
  • Summer is only 30 days away from the death it deserves. Fall!!! I'm waiting for your sexyface.
  • My dishwasher should be fixed today.
  • I'm no where near Texas.
  • I have the most awesome washer/dryer in the world. No really I've never owned one so awesome in my life. No you cannot do laundry at my house.
  • I can finally park in a garage again. Woo!
  • Hawks says we can have a Superbowl party this year. This excites me.
  • My Mom & Pops may come visit this Spring.
  • I'm no where near Texas.
Random Thoughts:

~ I wish I owned my own landscape business. I would rock a stand up mower like nobody's business.
~ I wouldn't want to shovel snow, I hate shoveling snow. Is that part of a landscaping business?
~ How young is too young to make your kids shovel snow for you if you own your own landscaping business?
~ Would I have to pay minimum wage?
~ I cannot believe it took me as long as it did to find the ~ symbol on the keyboard.


    easyasyouplease said...

    Lovelovelove... And you can make kids shovel snow as soon as they can hold a shovel. Any a pail and shovel for the beach shovel.

    Kimberlee said...

    Do you think I'd have to pay them? Lol

    Chestnut Rau said...

    You feed them, clothe them and pay for their cell phones. They don't get hourly wages too.

    Matt said...

    So... roadtrip to Texas soon?

    Kimberlee said...

    Definitely no! I'm thinking that the next time I'm in Texas, I may not come home. Instead I'll be locked up in some jail there for "MESSING WITH TEXAS!"

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