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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Buffet of Fantastic!

I'm a newly born comic-book fangirl... You'd know this is you read my "Confessions of a Dork" post from awhile back. I've looked toward a couple comic book stores, mini comic-cons, the local library, the internet, etc. etc. to get my fixes. The problem is, the comics I know are "web-comics" and of course I know the ones that everyone has at least some basic knowledge of: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, yada yada. I couldn't tell you the exact species of spider that bit Peter Parker, or Superman's Kryptonian mother's name like most hardcore fans can, but that's okay because I'm my own special breed of comic art fangirl.

My comic love comes from a lot of web-comics like Girls With Slingshots, Shortpacked, Dumbing of Age, NPC Comic... Oi! the list could go on & on [complete list here]. It's these webcomics that led me to other non-web comics like "The Walking Dead" which was made into an AMC series last year. It's awesome by the way. And even though I've never seen the "Sin City" movie, I fell in love with the comics. After "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" came out last year (BEST MOVIE EVER!) I got into that comic book series... and that my friends is how it happened. Back in October Hawks said it was a "phase" I was going through. I wonder if he still thinks that as it grows bigger & bigger. Haha. I told him that I'd love to have him commission one of our super duper talented local artist friends (*cough cough* Leo Hayden, Big Toddie) to do some sort of comic art for the house as my birthday pressie this year. He just rolled his eyes. *Sigh*

Wow! I've written too much on this already & have gotten way of the path of my original point so let me leave you with what I'm most excited about at the moment - this:

Rock And Comic-Con

Time Saturday, May 21 · 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Location Uptown Theater
3700 Broadway
Kansas City, MO
Created By Jim Kilroy
Bands, vendors, artists and more.

Andddddddd *I'M* GOING!


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